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Degree with intellect also ate humanity! There also is

The nations that have developed to this day have made progress only through knowledge. The importance of knowledge alone cannot be overlooked. From ancient times to the present, every civilised and civilised society is aware of the importance of knowledge.

Due to its compatibility with human nature, Islam It is also encouraged to acquire knowledge. We find its earliest traces in the blessed era of Islam. A ransom was set for the release of the prisoners of Wazoo Brad. Those who were poor were released free of charge, but those who could read and write were

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ordered to teach ten children to read and write. Thus, Payday bin T habit, who was a writer of revelation, learned to write in this way. From this, we can gauge the importance of education and how important it is to acquire it. People who are educated in society, be it religious or secular, Man has a special place in society and in his home. The value of a young child is given by the elderly only because of education.

Why is the education system in the US failing?

Even with education, training makes a person a human being, a civilised citizen. And its absence is responsible for any person being ignorant and unconscious. Today, if we come out of the deep darkness of ignorance and become conscious. The beloved Prophet, the Master of the Universe, Hazmat Muhammad (peace be upon him) also brought out this nation which was drowned in the deep seas of ignorance. Given a high and lofty position, even in this, the first beginning was with the famous and well-known letter IE “Ira”. “Surprisingly, it is behind in education and development – the nation which started with Ira”.

What does education is a light in the dark mean?

Education is light and ignorance is darkness. Due to education, a person deserves to be called a civilised person. Only the presence of education can help him to make better decisions in his life. This is the basic adornment that is good and evil. This is what makes man anxious to examine his reality ٗ compels him to know the real purpose of his life لیم It is education that provides man with a better platform to live his life. It is the education that makes the noblest of creatures. It is the education that teaches man to respect the elders and show compassion to the younger ones. It is the

Education that conveys the message of love, sincerity, friendship and peace among the people. Education comforts people under the cool shadows of love. Lack of such education gives rise to hatred. What is the reason that even though we are highly educated today, instead of sincerity and love, anger, hatred, jealousy and resentment Diseases like these are being born.

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However, education is the only thing that is the most important and basic means of development and welfare of any country. Today, if we are touching the skies of fame, then education is behind it. This education has created this awareness in us. That we can use the treasures hidden in the earth to bring happiness to humanity. Thanks to this, we are living a quiet life in cities and towns instead of a forest life. This is what has made the entire global world happy. Wrapped up The real reason is that we have forgotten the real purpose of this education. Today, the real purpose of our

Education has become something else. The real purpose of our education is awareness, civilisation and distinction. Today we have changed the very meaning of this education. We have no interest in the real purpose of this education at all. We have no interest in its basic training. The real purpose of the principle of our education. Have completely changed.

how does the past help us in understanding the present?

Today we understand the need for education in a better way but we are completely unaware of its true meaning and purpose. Today our goal is only to get a degree. Today the real purpose of our education is only to find a better job. Today we have divided education into different classes. And we have linked jobs with these classes as well. Today, education has been divided into thousands of categories. Even in their selection, we work very thoughtfully. We decide to adopt them with a lot of consultation. I can see like a shining sun. A degree that will fill my whole life with money.

What kind of education will enable me to spend my whole life in luxury? Find an education that will make me richer than the rest of the world. Give me a degree that will help me build a bank balance. Make the future brighter.

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Even when we get this education, instead of learning anything, we are more concerned with good grades and good marks. We have forgotten in the past that it is education and training that has made Islam spread to all corners of the globe. It was this education that made man human, and it is this education that made man so advanced. It is this education that gave man his identity. We need to understand his true purpose. Achieving his meanings and goals is more important than acquiring religious and worldly education. Education is also faith. And restraint دار also character ٗ

also the connection of life, education is also courage greatness and action also ٗ servitude ٗ mercy also ٗ pleasure and grace ٗ education is also the galaxy of space ٗ which is beyond the stars where ٗ education is also search livelihood * Underground * Search for burials. Even today, if we want development and prosperity, then instead of the paper race of degrees
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