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Political turmoil is on the rise.

The government and the opposition are embroiled in rhetoric against each other. The media has no time for political coverage and commentary. In such a situation, who should pay attention to important national and public issues? Many issues require governmental and journalistic attention, but it seems as if the beloved homeland is facing no other issue than politics.

For example, more than a month has passed since the motorway tragedy. But police have so far failed to arrest the main accused A bid. There was a lot of noise about this incident for a few days. There was a protest.

But now the issue is a thing of the past.

New incidents of rape are reported in the newspapers every day. There has been a lot of political rhetoric, but no serious effort has been made to curb these incidents. The state of the country’s economy is in dire straits. Inflation has broken the backs of the people. The Bureau of Statistics reports rising inflation every week. But no attention has been paid to this either. In the face of rising inflation and low salaries, a large number of government employees protested in Islamabad. This news also did not get any special place in the media. The news is that the Young Doctors

Association of Pakistan has rejected the

Pakistan Medical Commission as an illegal body. It has been announced that medical doctors and students from all over Pakistan will march towards Islamabad on October 14. Doctors object that the formation of PM C is contrary to international law.

On the other hand, teachers of government universities have also announced a protest against the Higher Education Commission. The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (PAPUA) has said that the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has failed to address the problems faced by higher education and educational institutions. Teachers will protest on October 14 in Baluchistan and Khyber Pankhurst.

Protests will be held in Sindhi and Punjab on October 15, and in Assad Jammy and Kashmir on October 16. After that, on October 21, teachers from universities across the country will stage a sit-in in front of the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad. The union, which represents the

What is the Chicago Teachers Union asking for?

teachers’ union, has demanded that the budget deficit facing universities be addressed. The policy on teacher allowances, their placement and promotion should be reviewed. An important demand is to end interference in public universities. Some time ago,

the issue of reducing the powers of the Vice Chancellors of public universities in Punjab province was discussed. It was suggested that the head of the university syndicate should be handed over to the Minister of Education or the nominee of the Chief Minister.

It was described by universities as an attempt to deprive the vice-chancellor of his powers. Jared Siam, secretary general of the Punjab University’s Academic Staff Association, says the story is under consideration once again. He said that this decision has probably been implemented in Swahili and Jiang University.

The Federation of All Pakistan Universities

Academic Staff Association intends to hold protests and sit-ins to resolve these issues. One wonders why the government and the concerned agencies allow such a turn to come when on the one hand the doctors are signalling a long march instead of treating the patients, while on the other hand the teachers are talking about sit-ins and protests instead of teaching students.

Education and health are considered to be very important and sensitive sectors all over the world. In our country, however, no special attention is paid to these areas. There is no harm in taking the relevant stakeholders into confidence while formulating policy in both these areas.

Another decision of the Higher Education Commission regarding higher education needs the attention of the authorities. We hear that when this matter was under consideration, the Vice Chancellors of most of the universities had opposed this proposal. Nevertheless, the commission formulated a policy. In the light of this policy, the Higher Education Commission has issued an order to abolish the two-year private

BA. It has also directed that no public or private university will offer MA program from next year. It will be replaced by a four-year associate degree program. I had the opportunity to participate in some meetings and discussions in this regard. After talking to teachers and officials associated with higher education, it became clear that the issue is still ambiguous.

It felt clear that this decision was made without proper consultation and planning. Has been According to the Higher Education Commission, the main purpose of formulating the policy is to promote marketable skills among the youth along with general education. The importance of this good purpose.

But realistically, achieving this goal requires solid planning and a hefty budget. This noble goal cannot be achieved without teacher training, capacity building, and improving the infrastructure of educational institutions.

For years, we have been working to increase the number of our graduate youth. Proud of this growing number and statistics. We need to know that this number is due to the number of students taking private exams. Every year, millions of candidates across the country take degrees after taking private exams. Where will the millions of students go if the private BA facility is abolished? Have we taken these millions?
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