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The story real life of a unique marriage

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The daughter of one of our distant relatives was married to their first child. The rites and ceremonies of the mothers and the henna had been performed, the dowry was delivered to the daughter’s father-in-law and the bad goods were delivered to them. Then, on the same rainy day, around eleven o’clock, the boy, the groom, was arrested by the police on charges of belonging to a political organisation and involvement in a sabotage operation under his auspices. And it was moved to an unknown location.

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In the case of the boys, there was a line of mourning in the girl’s house as soon as Ashram Mach. The girl fainted from the shock of the incident and had to give and take. Then a close relative of the couple consulted with each other and arrived with the relationship of their son who was also their first child and it has not been decided yet. His parents’ decision included his full consent, but he had just come with them. The panchromatic sat and after some deliberation the relationship was approved. Then some necessary purchases were made for both the bride and groom according to the day of the rain.

on the evening of that day

Then in the evening the wedding took place according to its scheduled schedule. The only difference was that the groom had changed. Close relatives were informed of the suddenness in time, but distant and well-known friends were stunned when they arrived to attend the ceremony and learned of the matter, and the groom and his parents were shocked. They were shocked at such a great

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decision. Undoubtedly, he had set an example of high morale and tolerance and had saved an innocent girl from being humiliated in this ruthless society while waiting for her turn to save her from being punished for what she had done.

We don’t know what happened to this first boy later, otherwise we would have written.

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